About us

In our free time, my husband Martijn and I have traveled a lot and we always fantasized: “How great would it be to begin our own bed and breakfast? And do we emigrate to Argentina or start a ski chalet in the Dolomites in Italy?”

When we had kids, those plans changed a bit. After a trip through Australia with our daughters Sofie and Roos, we decided to move to a place in the Netherlands to finally start that long-cherished B&B.

Over ons | Bed & Breakfast De Zuiderstolp | West-Friesland

A bed and breakfast in a dreamplace in North Holland

Because we come from North Holland and a lot of family lives here, we wanted to find a suitable property in this province.

The search criteria were: rural, but not too remote and far away from everything, with a school nearby for our two daughters.

It may sound crazy, but when we went to see De Zuiderstolp, it wasn’t love at first sight. The location was ideal and met all our needs. But the characteristic farm is over a hundred years old and was previously a dairy farm. So, you can imagine that a lot had to be done to transform half of the farm into cozy guest rooms.

Yet during our search we kept coming back to this farm. It really is a dream place. And a renovation offered us the opportunity to build and furnish everything to our taste. Love at second sight 😉 so we took the risk of settling in here.

Bed and breakfast De Zuiderstolp | West-Friesland

Enjoying the space and the animals

4 years after the first visit, a time that was full of permit applications, renovation and hard work, our dream has come true with bed and breakfast De Zuiderstolp.

We want our guests to enjoy the peace and space. We have a lot of land around the house, where there are fruit trees. And the rabbits – after repeated escape attempts – roam free.

Directly on our yard are the meadows of the neighbors, with cows and calves. In the spring and summer, the ladies walk behind our house, which is a beautiful sight to see. Chickens scurry around the farm. That means: fresh eggs for breakfast every day.

Attention makes everything more beautiful

Creating a small-scale bed and breakfast with a personal approach are very important to us. Attention makes everything more beautiful. This is reflected in the contact with our guests and the way we run the B&B.

The desire to take care of others has always been part of our lives. During part-time jobs in the hospitality industry, I (Christine) already enjoyed the lightheartedness and cozy atmosphere. And although the setting is completely different, you can also see that caring in my previous job as a diabetes nurse.

We are happy to pamper you and provide breakfast with love, fresh bread and local products.

We also like to brainstorm with you on how to make a special occasion extra festive. For example, a family weekend, friends or girlfriends’ weekend, bachelor party, anniversary or something else. For all these kinds of special occasions we can provide a high tea, high wine, snack board or meals

A sustainable B&B

In addition to comfort, we consider sustainability to be very important for our b&b. For example, we have a heat pump and solar panels on the roof with which we can provide the B&B with energy. Electric bicycles and cars can be charged with solar energy. We also use a gray water system. This means that we flush the toilets with collected and filtered rainwater.

Bed and breakfast De Zuiderstolp | West-Friesland